Digi-ID Authentication

Digi-ID allows for fast, effortless sign-ups and sign-ins for users. Digi-ID eliminates the archaic username and password requirement for authentication. Users no longer need to worry about remembering their login credentials! But more importantly, users no longer need to worry about their accounts getting hacked and credentials re-used.

Feedback shows that the seamless nature of Digi-ID authentication not only provides greater customer satisfaction, but decreases the login time for existing users while also removing the “entry barrier” with signing up for a new service.

Thanks to the combination of time-tested cryptographic Blockchain security, and the ease-of-use from the DigiByte mobile wallets, the advantages of Digi-ID can be utilized by both technical and non-technical users alike.
This monolithic shift in authentication safety will usher in a new era of expectations from the global community as Digi-ID becomes the industry benchmark of credential protection.

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Released on 10th May 2018

  • Initial Release