Survey + Testimonial Addon


Customer feedback is a vital part of every business and shows your customers that their opinion is important to you. Collecting feedback from customers will allow you to see what your business is doing right and improve upon what it's not. With our addon you can quickly create a survey in little effort and set criteria as to when it will be sent to customer. You can view the results clearly represented graphs and can also display these comments on your site using our built in testimonial system.


  • Create custom surveys
  • Fully customisable template
  • Generate reports with clear graphs
  • Multiple surveys and email templates
  • Email sent automatically with link when criteria is met (client, product or ticket based)
  • Searches for common keywords in custom user input
  • Use textarea within survey to gather testimonials with the built in testimonial system
  • Custom client area page for Testimonials or advance XML / JSON API for custom intergration
  • Email notification when survey feedback/testimonial is received


Reviews, Changelog & Documentation

Fredrik Hallgren

We need to collect information from our customers to be able to improve ourselves. To find out what they think of our service, products, GUI and the processes to become a client. With this add on from WHMCSnow we get all of this in an easy tool to achieve all of this. Excellent support from WHMCSnow as well.

Jay Vasallo

The survey addon created by WHMCSnow is a must have. It bridges the communication gap between the client who never complains and you! Clients can complete the survey when they have time and thoughtfully suggest improvements along with any grips they may have. As you know, we are driven by the needs of our clients so this addon compliments WHMCS very well. Lastly, the devs behind this addon are top notch and do support any question you may have. Clanwarz rates this addon ... 4 thumbs up!



Released on 22nd May 2024

  • Added support for ionCube Loader v13 and PHP 8.2
  • Update notifications now shown in admin area


Released on 22nd November 2022

  • Added support for ionCube Loader v12 and PHP 8.1


Released on 14th April 2021

  • Issue with manual client enrol fixed
  • Issue with graphs autoload in admin area fixed


Released on 17th May 2019

  • Fixed issue with Grace Period in the licensing system


Released on 17th April 2018

  • PHP 7.1 & 7.2 Support


Released on 25th June 2017

  • Bug Fixes


Released on 2nd January 2017

  • Support for PHP 7


Released on 16th February 2016

  • Fix a javascript error in survey settings
  • Hook added for external development (SurveyCompleted)
  • Renamed anonymous surveys to "login required"


Released on 29th September 2015

  • Support for WHMCS v6.x


Released on 8th March 2014

  • Compatibility with WHMCS v5.3.x added


Released on 19th August 2013

  • Firefox compatibility issue resolved


Released on 21st April 2013

  • Improved client searching + More client info displayed
  • Email notification when survey completed or testimonial received
  • New Ticket Criteria - Send survey after x days of support ticket closing
  • Make survey token tokens expire after x days
  • Progress bar hidden when only 1 page in client area
  • Issue with character encoding resolved in emails


Released on 10th March 2013

  • Initial Release
  • Create custom surveys
  • Fully customisable template
  • Generate reports with clear graphs
  • Multiple surveys and email templates
  • Email sent automatically with link when criteria is met
  • Searches for common keywords in custom entries
  • Use textarea within survey to gather testimonials with the built in testimonial system
  • Custom client area page for Testimonials or advance XML / JSON API for custom intergration

Getting Started

Installation / Upgrading

Installing the Survey Addon is very simple. The following steps will guide you through the process:
  1. Unzip the contents of the zip file to a folder on to your computer
  2. Upload the contents into the WHMCS directory
  3. Verify Client Area Template Directory Client Area Templates
  4. Continue with Initial Setup

Client Area Templates

The Survey + Testimonial Addon comes with three client area templates to integrate into the default WHMCS templates.

These templates can be found within the /templates directory and come with the following,
  • Classic
  • Default
  • Portal

If you are using a custom template (not listed above) you will need to copy the contents of one of these directories into your own template directory.

You can find out what template you are using under Setup > General Settings

Initial Setup

Once all the files have been uploaded on the server follow the following instructions to get the module activated for use.
  1. From within the WHMCS admin panel click Setup > Addon Modules
  2. Activate the module titled Survey Builder
  3. Scroll down to the settings titled Survey Builder and edit the following settings
    • Access Control: Ticket what administrator roles you wish to have access to the addon
  4. Click the Save Changes button


Within the addon there are a few settings that can be changed for customisability, these settings are as follows along with a brief description of what they do.
  • License Key: License key provided by us
  • Token Length: When a client is enrolled in a survey a unique link which contains the token is sent (32 is recommend)
  • Login Required: Whether the client is required to login to complete the survey
  • Testimonials Per Page: The number of testimonials that will be shown on the client area page
  • Default Graphs: This is the default graph that will be shown for each question type
  • Common Blocked Words: Common keywords are shown within the reports, this will block words that may be frequently used which provide no benefit

Email Templates

The email templates allow you to customise the messages that go out to your customers when they are enrolled in a survey.

You can create and assign a custom email template for each survey you create, we provide a template named "Default" to get you started.

WHMCS' Merge Fields will function as normal within our addon along with the following custom tags which will function in our addon.

  • {$survey_link} - This is the link in which the client can complete the survey


Creating a Survey

It is quick and simple to create a survey in this addon, in just 3 steps you will have a fully configured survey.
  1. Step 1, the first step is to set the criteria of when the survey will be sent to the clients, this can be based on the following settings.
    • Client Related: This will allow you to enrol a user based on conditions such as how long they have been registered or how many active products they have
    • Product/Service Related: This will enrol a user based on selected products or services they have purchased
    Email Template: More information in Email Templates section

  2. Step 2, this step allows you to configure custom text which will be shown on the survey.
    • Survey Title: This is the title of the survey and will be shown as the page title in the client area
    • Introduction Text: This will be shown before the client undergoes the survey, you may wish to include information about the survey here
      (such as how long it will take or any prizes you offer for completing the survey)
    • Completion Text: This will be shown once the client has completed the survey, you may wish to thank them here

  3. Step 3, heres the fun part, creating the actual survey itself. You can create multiple questions and multiple pages to separate your survey into sections.
    • Question: Self-explanatory but this the question you wish to ask in the survey
    • Question Type: There are 6 types of questions you can ask, such as pre-defined options, custom inputs, star ratings or testimonials
    • Possible Answers: Only for the "Multiple Choice" options, this allows you to set the possible options the user can select
    • Number of Stars: Only for the "Star Rating" option, this allows you to set the number of stars you wish to be displayed
    • Required Field: Whether this question requires to be answered or can be left blank


You can view a report for your survey as soon as they first piece of feedback has been received.

Simply click on the graph icon from the module home screen and the report will be created.

  • Survey Statistics: This provides you with statistical information for the survey
  • Survey Reach: This map shows the area density of which counties your clients who have completed the survey are from

Graphs are shown for each question (with the exception of testimonials) based on the graph type set in the Settings, you can switch between chart types for each question using the chart changer located at the top right just above the graph.
Your preferred chart type for that individual question will then be updated for when you revisit the report.

For custom input questions such as "Short Comment" or "Long Comment" the most common keywords will be detected and presented within the chart.
These also come with a "More Detail" button where you can view the latest comments in full.


To use the built in testimonial system you need to use the "Testimonial" question type when creating a survey, more information in the Creating a Survey section.

When a new testimonial has been received you will see the notification icon appear on the "Testimonial" button within the module.

Pending Testimonials:
From here testimonials can be edited to correct formatting/spelling corrections and published to your site or ignored.

Manage Testimonials:
Here you can update testimonials or remote them from your site.

This page shows you 2 ways you can incorporate the testimonials into your site.
  1. Client Area Testimonial Page: This is a prebuilt client area page, you simply need to add a link from your site
  2. XML / JSON API: This is an API where you can fetch the testimonials in a XML or JSON format and provides more advance features such as pagination or showing only testimonials from selected surveys (can be used to show testimonials for each product)

If you use our XML / JSON API then we would love to see your implantation, so send us a link!

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* Owned Licenses include 1 Year Support & Updates access with the initial purchase.

After the first year, support & updates access can be optionally renewed to maintain access at a cost of just £9.99 per year.